Shouldn’t We Be Blaming LGBT


What caused the attack in Orlando? The liberal elites often tell us that we shouldn’t say certain things, or protect ourselves in response to Islam and it perpetrating its evil upon us. In the case of the Obama, he says we shouldn’t use the word “Islam” when describing it as the murderous sociopathic ideology our eyes see. He and the modern elites mislabel it by explaining it using terms opposite the truth. They all run to microphones to tell us these purveyors of terror aren’t Islam but are rather just “radicals” distorting the “religion of peace.” They tell us to ignore the fact that deception and lying (to us, the infidels) is also part of Islam’s teaching and demanded when defending the religion or those acting out jihad. They tell us to ignore the fact that jihad has two forms, deception and infiltration as preparation, or violence. They tell us to ignore these as they occur before our eyes, and to do so because we might incite Islam, the religion of peace, to violence.

The truth is Islam is violence and it is the denial of all human rights, and it is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution. The truth is the violent, the murderers and terrorists are the most zealous and the most truly adherent, and the others are either apostates or preparing for the day when they are able to overthrow every government not already under the violent control of Islam.

The president and the liberal elites are, either by ignorance or willingly, joining into the deception designed to keep us from responding.

So when you ask yourself why they aren’t defining this acting out of Islam in Orlando as terrorism by Islam, and why instead it is being mislabeled as hate against LGBT having nothing to do with Islam, remember they tell us we shouldn’t do or say things that would incite Islam, the religion of peace, to violence. If they (the controllers of all the public lies that manipulate the pop culture into their own eventual destruction) were to have any consistency in the arguments they would be blaming LGBT and saying we shouldn’t be allowing it because it is inciting those (Islam, the religion of peace) already attacking us and killing us.

We are being ruled by idiots, or by those willingly complicit in the violence and partners in the deception.