Lessons for the Children – of Ignorance and Their Culture, which is Now Killing Them

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In an article in Harvard Magazine, July-August 2010, titled, “Lessons in Surprise,” the writer identified only as Primus V, writes of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s time at Harvard. It is more about a theory developed by one of the Alumni, saying that the US would not have been as susceptible to the attack of December 7, 1941, if our leaders had investigated and learned from the Admiral’s time attending Harvard, 1919 thru 1921.

The same could now be said to the children of our time, those under attack by a hostile culture that has attacked them in mass, after having assimilated them without resistance. The following is a quote brought to light here often, from an article that appeared in The American Thinker, February 23, 2008, titled, “The Materialist Faith of Communism, Socialism, and Liberalism,” by Linda Kimball. It describes both the attack on and destruction of, the culture as spoken of above. It also tells of the result, as if a prophecy validated as it unfolds before our eyes in its initial phases.
“Materialist faith, or scientific materialism, has virtually displaced America’s founding Judeo-Christian worldview with the result that materialism is now the operative assumption for much of our government, culture, politics, and law. Materialist operatives now control every public institution in the United States. According to the inner logic of materialist faith, “we the people” are nothing but socially-constructed atomized robots which can presumably be deconstructed and melted into an atomized mass. Toward both this goal and to raise up an army of street thugs who will destroy our culture, materialist change-agents use our education system to subvert and convert the minds of our youth. Should they succeed in thoroughly corrupting them and in turning their hearts to hate, this generation of children may become the next Khmer Rouge, who at Pol Pot’s order murdered nearly two-million people, including their own families.”
The Harvard Magazine article tells of the surprise attack on the US by Japan, only a surprise because our intelligence failed to assess the enemy accurately. In our time in the culture war, those who attacked us did it by first embedding their “change agents” in all our institution, those traditionally tasked with educating and warning against threats to our young, as well as to our society at large. The effect as we see it is we are unable to use our intelligence and adequately assess the problem at hand. (Before going on I will define the problem: we have created a culture without a soul: by twisting the definitions of reality we have produced minds in constant chaos. We are reaping the whirlwind of our sowing, confusion reigning in our young, who have as planned become the atomized mass spoken in the Kimball article. We see them in this mindless state, as the same people who have subverted their reality and all truth, now deploy them against political enemies, toward the goal of undermining the remains of the culture opposing them.)
The Harvard article tells of Yamamoto not only as a dedicated and intelligent student but more contextually relevant; he was also there introduced to the game of poker. The report says it was well known he became an expert who stayed up sometimes all night playing and winning. It goes on to tell of his taking his winnings and using them during his summers as he hitchhiked around the US.
‘”Yamamoto strongly opposed Japan’s entry into the war; he feared American might. But when ordered, he would do his best. As commander of the Combined Fleet, he calculated that to beat the United States, it was necessary to strike first. “Yamamoto wasn’t a great poker player for nothing,” writes Morris. He resolved, as in poker, to “blow the best player out of the game, good and early….The shame of the Joint Chiefs was their lack of imagination in trying to figure out their opponent. They thought of him as a traditional Japanese who would do everything ‘by the book’ (just as they did). They failed to consider that maybe, just maybe, Isoroku Yamamoto was more American than they were.”‘
This latter point speaks of Yamamoto knowing American (rugged individuals) better than her people knew her; as could be said of our now internal enemy and of our time. Other reports say one of the things Yamamoto observed in his travels into the US heartland were guns everywhere, owned by almost every citizen. They say he saw so many armed Americans that it was the reason he didn’t invade the US after destroying the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. It is well known there were no military forces able to stop him, and many strategists at the time wondered why he instead withdrew. The answer is found in his poker playing: to be successful in poker you must as a rule fold your hand when you know you are beaten by one better. At Pearl Harbor, he had the superior force; therefore, he plaid his hand and attacked. Guns in the hands of the population was a hand he couldn’t beat, and he knew it.
The point is, other than the apparent historical argument in favor of the Second Amendment, which is for discussion on another occasion, is the also historical fact that there were guns in every household already, almost a hundred years ago. The difference between then and now is unmistakably the culture, the zeitgeist, the spirit of the day, which is wholly separate and disassociated from the material achievements. The difference is the culture, and the modern one is deadly.
The spirit possessing our time rejects the metaphysical, even though seeing it in the unseen manifested in man as the acts of his conscience: what we understand as good and evil. Those who’ve gained control of the institutions mentioned above believe and teach that all standards of right and wrong, normal and abnormal, are constructs of those dominating the society at the time, and are created to ensure their continued power and control. This belief, therefore, removes the authority in all law and rules in general and promotes chaos borne of its confusion. These same people, now having successfully destroyed all knowledge and belief in the laws of nature and nature’s God, then create their own rules, and force the society into them by ridicule and demonization of any who still hold to eternal truths.
Without doing too deep into defining those who have perpetrated this evil upon our children and us, I will give a few last bits of “eternal truth” before concluding.
There is another book written in the seventeenth century by a man named Samuel von Pufendorf, titled, “The Whole Duty of Man According to the Law of Nature.” It tells of what are self-evident rules we must all accept if we are to live in peace in a civilized society. Part of this law is that a government is nothing more than men, and therefore is itself bound (or should be) by these same rules. They are called the Law of Nature because they are those that should become the conscience and thereby the Self-Government in each person. They allow for the highest state of liberty and require the least amount of external governing. They are valid in the void, existing even before governments were instituted, realized in nature as man saw their legitimacy through experience. They are part of what should be the well-formed and healthy conscience.
Part of Pufendorf’s title is from the Bible and the book of Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon. In it Solomon describes all he has seen in the natural world, and how it is vanity, meaning nothing make sense when contemplating justice. He sees equally bad and good things happen to good and bad people, without being influenced by the person’s nature. The title is in his overall conclusion after describing his examination.
Ecclesiastes 12
13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
Pufendorf, as did Solomon, understood the only control we have in life is over our actions, and wrongs most often have a direct connection to not keeping basic rules of societal interaction. All people learning and keeping these rules is preeminent, and were the foundations taught and lived, before this new culture invaded. The perversion we are now living through has redefined right and wrong, good and evil, blurring or erasing their dividing lines. These are now determined based on no objective or consistent standard, prejudices formed by the culture decide who and what is a victim or is a “wrong,” and as the remedy it victimizes those it has defined as perpetrators. These are the popular prejudices which define a society – the identity of the pop-culture.
A return to the laws of nature and nature’s God is the answer. Banning guns is not. First, it will never happen and is a strategy used by those knowing the only advantage gained is harming their political enemies. Those using the tactic are the same people who’ve caused the problem, destroying the culture and creating a society always under the shadow of death. And as it is with all evil, by deception they’ve moved their pawns (our children), misdirecting their energy, and taking their attention away from the actual problem.
The answer is, changing the culture – the same culture now killing its own.
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