Thus says the LORD God; When the whole earth rejoices, I will make you desolate.

Thus says the LORD God; When the whole earth rejoices, I will make you desolate.

As we saw in a previous post, the title verse, Ezekiel 35:14, is speaking of the desolation of mount Seir, which describes the high places of the earth, where the spiritually wicked, domestic enemies mixed among us, sit in seats of power. As we see, they become desolate when the whole world “rejoices,” which uses the Hebrews word samach to tell of when the world rejoices because it sees the LORD has come to rescue and deliver His people out of the hand of these same wicked men who are destroying me, nations, and the world. We saw this by the same word also (first) appearing in Exodus 4:14 in the LORD telling Moses that Aaron will be “glad” when he see his coming.

In this context, samach appears in Deuteronomy 33:18, while Moses the man of God is blessing the children of Israel before his death. It is used to tell of when Zebulun and Issachar at the coming of Joseph, to delivers his sons, {pushing them together to the end (perfection and completion) of the earth. These names’ meanings are speaking of those the LORD exalts, raises up, as He brings them His reward, which is Jehovah Himself coming as salvation and deliverance (the meaning of the name Jesus).

Deuteronomy 33
13 And of Joseph [Jehovah has added {children}] he said, Blessed of the LORD be his land, for the precious things of heaven [the treasures from His storehouse, this word he has reserved there for this moment, to send as/with His blessing], for the dew, and for the deep that couches [rebats – has waited, lurking, in repose] beneath,
14 And for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun [His light, understanding, given to His church to be broadcast], and for the precious things put forth by the moon [the new government, again under God],
15 And for the chief things of the ancient mountains, and for the precious things of the lasting hills, [the restoration of the high places, seats of power rescued from the hands of the wicked]
16 And for the precious things of the earth and fullness thereof, and for the good will of him that dwelt in the bush [for the plan and purpose of God, the expected END]: let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph, and upon the top [the anointing and the crown, upon Shiloh] of the head of him that was separated from his brethren.
17 His glory is like the firstling of his bullock [the first fruit among many strong brethren], and his horns are like the horns of unicorns [a rhinoceros, one body as the singular strength and highest power]: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim [those upon whom the LORD has bestowed the second blessing], and they are the thousands of Manasseh [who now remember the LORD they have forgotten, as the children of Israel forgot Joseph].
18 And of Zebulun [those by this raised, exalted by the Father] he said, Rejoice [samach – rejoice when you see this, because you are in the presence of the LORD at His appearing and kingdom], Zebulun, in your going out [to meet Him]; and, Issachar and He is your reward], in your tents.
19 They shall call the people unto the mountain [mount Zion]; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand [at this shore where we have arrived].
20 And of Gad [God’s people at large] he said, Blessed be he that enlarges Gad: he dwells as a lion [strength is in this one congregation], and tears the arm [and dismantles the works of the wicked] with the crown of the head.
21 And he provided the first part for himself, because there, in a portion of the lawgiver, was he seated; and he came with the heads of the people, he executed the justice of the LORD, and his judgments with Israel.

Thus says the LORD:
Jeremiah 12
10 Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness.
11 They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourns unto me; the whole land is made desolate, because no man lays it to heart.
12 The spoilers are come upon all high places through the wilderness: for the sword of the LORD shall devour from the one end of the land even to the other end of the land: no flesh shall have peace.
13 They have sown wheat, but shall reap thorns: they have put themselves to pain, but shall not profit: and they shall be ashamed of your revenues because of the fierce anger of the LORD.
14 Thus says the LORD against all mine evil neighbors, that touch the inheritance which I have caused my people Israel to inherit; Behold, I will pluck them out of their land, and pluck out the house of Judah from among them.
15 And it shall come to pass, after that I have plucked them out I will return, and have compassion on them, and will bring them again, every man to his heritage, and every man to his land.
16 And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of my people, to swear by my name, The LORD lives; as they taught my people to swear by Baal; then shall they be built in the midst of my people.
17 But if they will not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation, says the LORD.

Jeremiah 13
1 Thus says the LORD unto me, Go and get you a linen girdle, and put it upon your loins, and put it not in water.
2 So I got a girdle according to the word of the LORD, and put it on my loins.
3 And the word of the LORD came unto me the second time, saying,
4 Take the girdle that you have got, which is upon your loins, and arise, go to Euphrates, and hide it there in a hole of the rock.
5 So I went, and hid it by Euphrates, as the LORD commanded me.
6 And it came to pass after many days, that the LORD said unto me, Arise, go to Euphrates, and take the girdle from thence, which I commanded you to hide there.
7 Then I went to Euphrates, and digged, and took the girdle from the place where I had hid it: and, behold, the girdle was marred, it was profitable for nothing.
8 Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
9 Thus says the LORD, After this manner will I mar the pride of Judah, and the great pride of Jerusalem.
10 This evil people, which refuse to hear my words, which walk in the imagination of their heart, and walk after other gods, to serve them, and to worship them, shall even be as this girdle, which is good for nothing.
11 For as the girdle cleaves to the loins of a man, so have I caused to cleave unto me the whole house of Israel and the whole house of Judah, says the LORD; that they might be unto me for a people, and for a name, and for a praise, and for a glory: but they would not hear.
12 Therefore you shall speak unto them this word; Thus says the LORD God of Israel, Every bottle shall be filled with wine: and they shall say unto you, Do we not certainly know that every bottle shall be filled with wine?
13 Then shall you say unto them, Thus says the LORD, Behold, I will fill all the inhabitants of this land, even the kings that sit upon David’s throne, and the priests, and the prophets, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, with drunkenness.
14 And I will dash them one against another, even the fathers and the sons together, says the LORD: I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy them.
15 Hear you, and give ear; be not proud: for the LORD has spoken.
16 Give glory to the LORD your God, before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and, while you look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.
17 But if you will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride; and mine eye shall weep sore, and run down with tears, because the LORD’s flock is carried away captive.
18 Say unto the king and to the queen, Humble yourselves, sit down: for your principalities shall come down, even the crown of your glory.
19 The cities of the south shall be shut up, and none shall open them: Judah shall be carried away captive all of it, it shall be wholly carried away captive.
20 Lift up your eyes, and behold them that come from the north: where is the flock that was given you, your beautiful flock?
21 What will you say when he shall punish you? for you have taught them to be captains, and as chief over you: shall not sorrows take you, as a woman in travail?
22 And if you say in your heart, Wherefore come these things upon me? For the greatness of your iniquity are your skirts discovered, and your heels made bare.
23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may you also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.
24 Therefore will I scatter them as the stubble that passes away by the wind of the wilderness.
25 This is your lot, the portion of your measures from me, says the LORD; because you have forgotten me, and trusted in falsehood.
26 Therefore will I discover your skirts upon your face, that your shame may appear.
27 I have seen your adulteries, and your neighing, the lewdness of your whoredom, and your abominations on the hills in the fields. Woe unto you, O Jerusalem! will you not be made clean? when shall it once be?

Friends, of this you should be ignorant, the churches all know what is going on. They know the LORD has come, but they are waiting for him to dance to their tune and mourn over the end of their corruption. They refuse to return to Him, because they are in darkness and seek to prove their ways correct, instead of submitting to His righteousness, He correction. They therefore choose to stay in darkness, because they want to keep their evil ways and deeds, which they have put in God’s place and which they force men to worship. They refuse to die to the old and be born again.

Therefore, “as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
15 That whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
18 He that believes on him is not condemned: but he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
20 For every one that does evil hates [does violence to] the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
21 But he that does truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”

Psalms 74 
1 O God, why have you cast us off forever? why does your anger smoke against the sheep of your pasture?
2 Remember your congregation, which you have purchased of old; the rod of your inheritance, which you have redeemed; this mount Zion, wherein you have dwelt.
3 Lift up your feet unto the perpetual desolations; even all that the enemy has done wickedly in the sanctuary.
4 Your enemies roar in the midst of your congregations; they set up their ensigns for signs.
5 A man was famous according as he had lifted up axes upon the thick trees.
6 But now they break down the carved work thereof at once with axes and hammers.
7 They have cast fire into your sanctuary, they have defiled by casting down the dwelling place of your name to the ground.
8 They said in their hearts, Let us destroy them together: they have burned up all the synagogues of God in the land.
9 We see not our signs: there is no more any prophet: neither is there among us any that know how long.
10 O God, how long shall the adversary reproach? shall the enemy blaspheme your name for ever?
11 Why withdraw you your hand, even your right hand? pluck it out of your bosom.
12 For God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.
13 You did divide the sea by your strength: you brake the heads of the dragons in the waters [death lurking below the surface of the words].
14 You brake the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gave him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness.
15 You did cleave the fountain and the flood: you dried up mighty rivers.
16 The day is your, the night also is your: you have prepared the light and the sun.
17 You have set all the borders of the earth: you have made summer and winter.
18 Remember this, that the enemy has reproached, O LORD, and that the foolish people have blasphemed your name.
19 O deliver not the soul of your turtledove unto the multitude of the wicked: forget not the congregation of your poor forever.
20 Have respect unto the covenant: for the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.
21 O let not the oppressed return ashamed: let the poor and needy praise your name.
22 Arise, O God, plead your own cause: remember how the foolish man reproaches you daily.
23 Forget not the voice of your enemies: the tumult of those that rise up against you increases continually.

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